A reflective post from me today.

I’ve been talking on the Purple Co blog recently about what it means when we try to pursue a medical certification of “fitness” for our clients – and how this determination can affect outcomes.

Today I wanted to discuss the fact that the pendulum swings both ways. In terms of claims management, medical opinion is king.

And often, the same is true for our clients.

The disconnect occurs when medical opinion stops being able to present solutions to help our clients improve their function. Maybe medical opinion tells them they can’t undergo more treatment, that their pain can’t be fixed, and their injury or illness will never really be gone.

For many people, medical opinion is where the buck stops. It’s a part of our culture to accept medical opinion as THE answer.

This makes our job difficult, because the beauty of being a Rehabilitation Professional is that we can help our clients find solutions that a conventional medicalised approach (cure – treat – eradicate symptoms) can no longer offer them.

The struggle is that we’re fighting an uphill battle when medical opinion says “unfit” or “too unwell” or “too limited”.

How do we elevate ourselves, our expertise and our ability to help in the eyes of our clients?

How do we engage with someone whose trusted, experienced and credible doctor is of the opinion that they are too unwell?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave me a comment below.

– Jo