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I am currently undergoing my own rehabilitation journey and the insights and learnings that have come about as a result of this will certainly be reflected in the way I approach situations both myself professionally as well as Purple Co as a company.

My Rehab Strikes Back video series documents my experiences as a rehab professional undergoing rehab. This rehabilitation journey for me is not over yet, but given I have already learned so much that will change the way I approach rehab with my own clients - my hope is, you too, will find insight in these videos and apply it to your own work in the industry. Click below to view. I hope you find them insightful and take away some key learnings.

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Purple blog 6 Sept

So The SH%!T Has Happened. Now What?

If you are reading this blog, chances are you have some interest in money, wealth and financial security. We have this incredible opportunity here in Australia where we can actually insure ourselves, our income and our health.  You see insurance companies already know what we’re only just beginning to catch onto ourselves – that is […]


Brain Injury and Social and Emotional Intelligence – implications for employability

This week is Brain Injury Awareness week #BIA2017.  We at Purple Co have been providing services to people who live with injuries to their brains, and the functional consequences of these injuries, since the company started in 2008.   What has been interesting for me, and for other Rehabilitation Professionals to acknowledge is how vastly different […]

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