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I am currently undergoing my own rehabilitation journey and the insights and learnings that have come about as a result of this will certainly be reflected in the way I approach situations both myself professionally as well as Purple Co as a company.

My Rehab Strikes Back video series documents my experiences as a rehab professional undergoing rehab. This rehabilitation journey for me is not over yet, but given I have already learned so much that will change the way I approach rehab with my own clients - my hope is, you too, will find insight in these videos and apply it to your own work in the industry. Click below to view. I hope you find them insightful and take away some key learnings.

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Adversarial Rehabilitation. Does it have to be this way?

In preparing to meet my brand new client, I had read through all of the documentation that the insurer had sent me; I was clear on their brief – help this man get back to work in a new job. I understood, from paper what his illness experience has been to date, and had some idea […]


You know you’re onto a winning rehab strategy when…

Following on from my post last week about defining good rehab – I want to start a conversation this week about how good rehab can look and feel different. Good rehab requires many things, but at the core we learned that good rehab requires: · Doing the right thing at the right time · Collaboration […]

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