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I am currently undergoing my own rehabilitation journey and the insights and learnings that have come about as a result of this will certainly be reflected in the way I approach situations both myself professionally as well as Purple Co as a company.

My Rehab Strikes Back video series documents my experiences as a rehab professional undergoing rehab. This rehabilitation journey for me is not over yet, but given I have already learned so much that will change the way I approach rehab with my own clients - my hope is, you too, will find insight in these videos and apply it to your own work in the industry. Click below to view. I hope you find them insightful and take away some key learnings.

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Not another Post about Planning?!

‘Planning is everything.  Plans are nothing’ Field Marshal Helmuth Graf von Moltke Action Plans, Rehab plans, RTW plans, prevocational plans, independent living plans, socialisation plans, living skills plans – the world of recovery rehabilitation and RTW is a planning nation. Who doesn’t love a good plan? Estimating and planning are crucial to recovery and RTW success. How […]


Purple Co Through the Ages: 8 Years of Change

I still remember the moment I was on the phone to my Mum some 8 years ago when we were tossing around possible names for this new business. At the time I did not know that Purple Co was going to become the consulting service it is, nor did I understand the influence we would have. What […]

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